Cubicle 2.0 - Work Management System & Dashboard (Notion Things)

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Cubicle 2.0 - Work Management System & Dashboard (Notion Things)

Notion Things
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Action-based work management system and dashboard


I am really excited to share this Notion system with the working community! The “Cubicle” workspace has been redesigned from the ground up and improved upon in every way. I have been using this system for my own work as an IT consultant for over a year now, and it is fire-tested and bulletproof. My productivity has gone through the roof. I no longer get that “lost” feeling from not knowing where to find important information or what I should be focusing on next.

This was designed primarily for those working in an IT-related field using agile methodology, but can be adapted to fit many other use cases. I use this system for my work every day and can say with confidence that it is without a doubt the key to my success with my professional work. This template is super powerful and packed full of tools to help you manage your work.

  • Designed for light mode
  • Embedded tooltips to help guide you through site functions
  • The Recurring Objects tracker allows you to manage repeat tasks, like status reports and time cards
  • Track and view your stress level from week to week
  • Manage events and meetings with the master schedule. Choose from multiple view options
  • The master document library provides a home at your fingertips for all of your documents and information. Information in the library can relate to projects, tasks, meetings, and more
    • Surface documents by type, tag, or project
    • Review documents on a frequency cycle. Adjust the document review frequency:
      • Never (default)
      • 7 Days
      • 30 Days
      • 3 Months
      • 6 Months
      • 1 Year
    • Archive documents that are no longer needed
  • The master tag database allows you to access tags from all areas of your workspace. View a tag wall of your most used tags and locate tagged information quickly from within the tag itself
  • Use sprints to organize and plan for upcoming work periods. Link stories to sprints (in this instance, tasks are your stories)
    • The sprint board uses a kanban view to drag and drop tasks into status swimlanes (Backlog, Pending, Work In Progress, Awaiting Info, Blocked, Complete). Tasks are sub-grouped by project, and can be collapsed to preserve real estate
  • Manage projects by size (large or small). View timelines and track through projects by phase (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, Close Out). Expand large project pages to view summaries of all data related to the project:
    • Key people
    • Project meetings
    • Project tasks
    • Project documents
    • Status reports
  • Track business and team objectives / key results (OKRs)
  • Manage both personal and project-related status reports. A default generic status report template is provided, but you may design your own templates according to your own report-out needs to make drafting status reports fast and easy
  • Track your build using the build tracker. Customize the properties to fit your own unique need. The build tracker can be related to projects or tasks
  • Quickly capture notes, ideas, or information snippets onto a sticky note wall, just as you would jot something down on a piece of paper. Organize sticky notes by tag. Archive notes that are no longer needed
  • The People database allows you to manage your business contacts and key information about them. Relate people to projects, meetings, tasks, and documents
  • Defaulted templates are available throughout the entire workspace to allow you to quickly add pre-formatted information and icons

Keywords: dashboard, work, projects, sprints, tasks, meetings, contacts, documents, light mode, scrum, tags, schedule, events, backups, archive, sticky notes, agile, kanban, objectives, key results, status reports, information management

How to duplicate the template:

  1. Log into your free Notion account
  2. Open the template link
  3. Click "Duplicate" in the top right corner of the template to copy it into your workspace
  4. Customize as needed, and enjoy!
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