Total Recall - Dynamic Spaced Repetition Learning

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Achieve total recall through spaced repetition


Memory science has shown that the “curve of forgetting” is steeper when you first learn something but becomes shallower with each timely review. Optimizing the timing between reviews (spaced repetition) can increase your retention and save you valuable time.

  • Designed for light or dark mode
  • Use for any type of information that you need to learn:
    • Terminology definitions
    • Foreign language learning and pronunciation
    • Mathematical calculations and formulas
    • General Q&A
    • Or, add your own categories to meet your needs!
  • Start by adding new lessons on any subject that you are learning
  • Enter an end date for when you no longer want to review (this could be a final exam date) - the lesson will become inactive after reaching the end date
  • Pre-built templates help you to add flashcards quickly by type
  • Optionally, enter additional info that is helpful to understanding the flashcard answer
  • Optionally, embed audio to assist with pronunciations of difficult words/phrases
  • Make a flashcard "visual" by adding an image
  • Toggle the review board between "Standard" view or "Visual" view
  • Click “Show Additional Info” on the flashcard to reveal more information that may help you with understanding the answer
  • Click “Show Answer” on the flashcard to reveal the answer
  • Drag the card to the recall rating column that best fits your level of recall
  • This system uses input on your recall level/accuracy combined with a Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...) for determining when you need to review a topic next
  • Scoring and calculation of the next review are done for you
    • [0] No Recall, [1] Incorrect Recall = Next review in 1 day
    • [2] Difficult Recall = Next review in 2 days
    • [3] Hesitant Recall = Next review in 3 days
    • [4] Good Recall = Next review in 5 days
    • [5] High Recall = Next review in 8 days
    • [6] Total Recall = Next review in 13 days
  • Reviews will repeat until you reach the lesson End Date
  • Set the "Last Reviewed Date" to today to schedule cards to their next review date
  • Toggle to the calendar view to see an overview of upcoming flashcard review dates

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  4. Customize as needed, and enjoy!

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Total Recall - Dynamic Spaced Repetition Learning

16 ratings
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