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Sidekick – Domains of Life Management System

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Workflow-based system to manage the core domains of life – personal, professional, and academic


Meet your Sidekick, the foundational system that assists you with managing all aspects of your life, work, and educational pursuits. More than just a “second brain” to dump information into, the Sidekick system is designed to be action-based and dynamic – to keep what’s relevant and important to you where you need it, at just the right time.

Read how I developed this system to bring together the management of all domains of life, and how I use it daily.

  • Maintain consistency across the entire system, regardless of content, using unified workflows for intake, processing, planning, and review
  • Manage tasks, notes, and resources across all domains of life – personal, professional, and academic
  • Manage personal or client projects using the standard phases of a project lifecycle
  • Plan work deliverables using sprints
  • Choose from multiple focused dashboards for:
    • Intake and processing
    • Actions and content relevant to today
    • Personal focus
    • Professional focus
    • Academic focus
  • Organize and theme content using “Collections”
  • Use schedule time blocking to organize and plan for each week
  • Log your daily habits and health statistics
  • Set actionable goals using the OKR goal-setting system, and review metrics on a routine cycle
  • Content due for review is surfaced to the relevant dashboards
  • Navigate easily between different views of your content using “Portals”
  • Manage contacts and relationships using the Contact Manager. Timely birthday reminders surface to your dashboard based on your notification preferences
  • Tag anything using the comprehensive universal tagging system - tags display in a nested tree right in your sidebar
  • Database automations automatically reset recurring tasks, resource reviews, and goal reviews
  • Students – manage your classes, assignments, notes, and research using the project-tasks-notes-resources structure
  • Plug in additional standalone systems as “Expandables” (Find more Expandables at the Notion Things studio)
  • Mix and match the feature set that is useful to you, turn off or hide what you won’t use
  • Knowledge base documentation is built right into the system, with clickable links to access help when you need it
  • Designed to look great in light or dark mode

Sidekick Assistant

The Sidekick Assistant will guide you in determining which functions to use based on your specific needs. The decision tree will output a set of configuration tasks to complete based on your responses, and guide you to completion.

Knowledge Base - It's interactive!

The built-in knowledge base will help you to get the most out of the Sidekick system. The interactive steps also serve the purpose of configuring your workspace. By the time you reach the end chapter, your workspace will be fully set up and ready to start using!

Fully Integrated Expandables Included:

Travel Manager
Complete travel planning and documentation system. Manage pre-travel planning – budgets, itineraries, tasks, resources, and packing. Document your travel with journaling, photo capture, maps, and more to relive on a later date. Skip making manual packing lists every time you travel. Instead, make packing for your trip easy using the Packing Wizard dynamic packing list. The Travel Manager is fully integrated with Sidekick’s tasks, resources, and journaling systems.

Client Manager w/ Billable Time Tracking
A minimalist system for managing your clients and related projects, with tracking for billable project time. Fully integrated with Sidekick’s project management system.

(Find more Expandables at the Notion Things studio)

Keywords: second brain, life os, project management, agile, collections, expandables, portals, goals, OKRs, schedule, time blocking, recurring tasks, focus dashboards

How to duplicate the template:

  1. Log into your free Notion account
  2. Open the template link
  3. Click "Duplicate" in the top right corner of the template to copy it into your workspace
  4. Customize as needed, and enjoy!

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Last updated May 30, 2023

You’ll receive the “Sidekick” Domains of Life Management System plus two bonus Expandables to duplicate into your own Notion workspace. You’ll also receive a demo version of the system, complete with example content. Sidekick includes a built-in interactive knowledge base that will help you to configure your new workspace.

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Sidekick – Domains of Life Management System

15 ratings
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