Habitat - Life Management System & Dashboard

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Action-based life management system and dashboard for Notion


My most popular personal life management system and dashboard. Twin site to the “Cubicle” work management system and dashboard.

  • Designed for light mode.
    • Embedded tooltips to help guide you through site functions
    • Weather widget
    • Collapsable navigation
    • Daily tracker for habits, mood and health
    • Monthly rollup for analysis and reflection
    • Master “everything” database (The Brain)
    • Master tag database
    • Asset library
    • People management
    • Inbox for undigested information
    • Entertainment room to track media consumption (books, movies, tv, games)
    • Project management
    • Task management
    • Areas of study / research
    • Full vegan recipe database
    • Sticky notes
    • Daily tracker days and analytics months pre-built through 2026

Keywords: dashboard, personal, habit tracker, projects, tasks, interests, knowledge base, light mode

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How to duplicate the template:

  1. Log into your free Notion account
  2. Open the template link
  3. Click "Duplicate" in the top right corner of the template to copy it into your workspace
  4. Customize as needed, and enjoy!

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You'll receive the complete "Habitat" life management system to duplicate into your own Notion workspace. You'll also receive a demo version, complete with example content.


Habitat - Life Management System & Dashboard

0 ratings
I want this!